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Terms & Conditions

  1. All kayaks hired will have with them the following: one paddle, one life-jacket and one seat per person. (That’s one paddle, one life-jacket and one seat for a single kayak. Two paddles, two life-jackets and two seats for a double kayak), along with 1 Paddle Leash,1 Drybag , 1 hand smoke flare, 1 towline and 1 set of wheels.
  2. The hirer will ensure that all hired equipment are returned in good order, in the same state it was given and on the date and time specified.
  3. The hirer accepts that no liability for any activity undertaken by Kayak North Wales as the hirer, nor can it be held liable for any injury, loss, or damage either to the hirer or any third party.
  4. I accept that some or all of the deposit will be retained by Ocean Sports if these conditions are not fulfilled and any extra costs incurred will be debited from my card.
  5. All hire periods will be paid for in full before hire period begins
  6. Payment can be either by cash or debit/credit card.
  7. Before equipment is released, debit/credit card details will be taken as a deposit, so that any equipment returned damaged, or not returned at all can be replaced
  8. After all equipment is returned in good condition, card details of hirers will be shredded immediately and digitally removed, so as to protect the customers interests
  9. Hiring people will be given the best local knowledge as to where to enter and exit local waters.
  10. Once the hiring people have left our premises, then it is the sole responsibility of the hiring people to act in a manner which is safe both for themselves, and anyone else in their vicinity, i.e. other water users, fishermen, sailors, swimmers etc.
  11. Whilst these terms and conditions may seem a little stern, they are set out for the benefit of everyone. We are in business to provide people with a way to enjoy the water in the way we do. We want only to provide this, along with people having the peace of mind that we are acting in their, and everyone’s interests, so that they will go away afterwards and tell their friends of the enjoyment they’ve had, along with a good service, so that even more people may also enjoy it too.
  12. Please leave the seas & coastline with no litter and have a great time!
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  • Eddyline kayaks
  • Necky kayaks
  • Ocean Kayaks
  • Old Town
  • Carlise